TEM according to Gartner Group

“TEM is the outsourcing of IT and finance department’s responsibilities in the provision and support of all
Telco and Business Communications, Services and Assets, at whatever level is applicable to the client”

Do you need TEM?

There are 7 tell-tale signs that you need the services of TEM.

1) Lack of Visibility

Your telecom spend is as clear as mud.

2) Spreadsheet Hell

Your manual method of management is the stuff of nightmares.

3) Labour Costs

Staff wasting company time on non-core business activities.

4) Call Centre Hell

Frustration when dealing with Telco offshore call centre.

5) Change is a Constant

Failure to keep up with latest developments, can cost dearly.

6) Labour Constraints

Only one person has all the responsibility for Telco billing and asset allocation.

7) Growth

Your organisation is growing and your telecom spend is too.

People just like you are already using Telco Expense Management

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  • The team at TEM have worked hard for us, which has resulted in significant reduction with respect to our minimum monthly spend. I am confident that now we are only paying what is required. TEM's proactive engagement ensure that I am kept up to date on what service providers have to offer, that may be of benefit to our business. I am convinced that by partnering with TEM we will obtain the best outcome for our business communications.

    Mathew Eames
    James Frizelle's Automotive Group Pty Ltd
  • When I first met with Kevin and Simon, it becomes clear that we were in need of some assistance to ensure we were getting the best from our Telstra relationship. Kevin and Simon reviewed all of our Telstra accounts, pointing out various issues, some of which I was not aware of including paying particular services we did not need, or altering our current plans to ensure we were not being overcharged.

    Matthew Campiutti
    Group Financial Controller - Walz Group Pty Ltd